Influencer Marketing

The Surge of Influencer Marketing & its Growing Impact.

Influencer marketing (also known as influence marketing) is a type of social media marketing strategy where a pioneer or expert from a certain field does a product placement or endorsement to influence his/her fan base on the internet into buying that certain product.

For example, a company that sells herbal tea that helps relax the body and mind may contact a fitness enthusiast or yoga teacher who is very popular all across social media as the concept of their product directly aligns with what these influencers preach or are known for.

Influencer marketing can be divided into several types, one of the most common beings “testimonial advertising”. In testimonial advertising, the influencer claims to have had tried the product himself and then goes ahead and vouches for all the goodness in it so the fan base can see the credibility in it. In the other most common type of influencer marketing, the influencer can act as a third party to help sell the products for the company, pretty much like a supply chain unit.

The effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign and if whether it would turn out to be successful or not depends on various factors. However, there are some “thumb rules” that advertising moguls swear by and these rules should definitely be kept in consideration when drawing out an influencer campaign.


Here are some tips for a successful influencer marketing campaign –


  1. Find an influencer that is fitting properly with your brand

It is important to run a thorough check on the influencer that you finalize to vouch for your brand, ensure that you share the same vision, concept and target audience. Having an influencer whose content aligns well with the highlight of your product will make your ad campaign look rather natural instead of coming across as an advertisement.


  1. Investigate the available analytics

When you decide on an influencer, always insist on screenshots of their analytics, this would help you figure out if whether the influencer is good at engaging his audience. You may additionally make use of free analytic platforms like social blade.


  1. Ensure that the influencer has followers that will match your target audience

The number of followers should solely never be the deal-breaker when it comes to choosing an influencer for your campaign. If an influencer has 500k+ followers but only 10% of those followers are from India, you would never get a bang for your buck if your product is destined to be sold locally along with Indian markets. Where-as an influencer with 100k+ followers with 90% of them being Indian nationals is a better choice in the given situation.


With the growth of influencer marketing on wide-reaching sites, this type of marketing continues to make a huge impact not only on budgets but also on overall business strategies to ensure gains in traffic and revenue – if marketers use it correctly.



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