How Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) has evolved over the years.

Search Engine Optimization can be easily understood as the practice that enhances the number of people who visit your website in terms of quantity and quality. From the digital marketing perspective, merely creating a website is not enough and hence, optimization is also equally important. SEO can also be understood as the method of driving the traffic to the website from several means like social media platforms or search engines.


Benefits of SEO:

There are innumerable benefits the organization can have from the SEO practice and a few of the biggest benefits are as follows:

  1. Significant rise in the website’s ranking on the search engine: The ranking of the website is improved because of the digital marketing campaigns and SEO endeavour. If the website’s ranking improves, more people will visit the website and get to know about your business. Organizations strive to improve their website’s ranking.
  2. Increase in the sales of the business: Once the traffic on the website increases, more people are willing to have your product and as a result of this, businesses experience a significant rise in sales over a period of time.
  3. Enhancement of the brand: Organizations always look forward to branding their business to the maximum limit and they employ a number of methods for this purpose. With the right implementation of the strategies developed for search engine optimization, businesses can indeed enhance their brand.
  4. Chance to interact with the customers directly: Optimization provides a chance to the businesses to directly interact with the customers directly and this also gives the businesses a chance to get the feedback from the customers and this allows these businesses to make necessary changes to their product and improve the customer experience.


Evolution of Search Engine Optimization:

Over the years, the concepts and the implementation techniques of SEO have significantly evolved and following the current trends has become a prime focus for all the digital marketers. There are several steps that should be implemented for an amazing SEO, however, the following are a few of the necessary steps that should be taken to witness a decent result:

  1. Creating a content-rich website: SEO is possible only when the content on the website and on the articles are rich and SEO friendly. There should be an unequivocal priority given to the content that goes live on the web establishments.
  2. Conducting the competitor analysis: Businesses can learn a lot from their competitors and hence, it is imperative for them to conduct the competitor analysis. This not only allows them to learn industry tactics but also the best ways to implement them.
  3. Optimizing the website for cellular devices: Over the period of time, there has been a great surge in the number of people who surf the internet on their cellular devices and hence, it is of paramount importance for the businesses to optimize the website for the mobile phones too.
  4. Social media marketing: For effective SEO, the social media platforms can be of immense use and hence, the marketers these days pay great importance to these social media portals for the SEO.
  5. Working on the backlinks: Backlinks are significant for the off-page SEO and there is no denying the fact that they contribute a lot to the overall SEO endeavour. The quality of backlinks determines the quality of SEO.
  6. Securing the website: Having the HTTPS in front of the website’s URL not only builds trust in your customers but also boosts the ranking on the search engines.


The concepts of SEO have significantly evolved over the years and it is likely to change in the future as well. The beauty of technology is that is perpetually evolving and transforms into a new aspect of alternative available to the world.

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